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Building a site with a custom Drupal install profile using Pantheon and Terminus

The recent introduction of Pantheon's Terminus CLI opens the door for an elegant, automatable way to provision sites using custom install profiles.

8 Pitfalls to Avoid When Developing Content Models in Drupal

Last week, I wrote a post about the differences between content types, taxonomies, and entities in Drupal, and how you should use each. Now, even with having a strong understanding of how to use these mechanisms, there is still plenty of room to mess up when developing a content model. Here are ten lessons we have learned over the past seven years of building Drupal-powered websites and apps:

Beyond the Page: An Introduction to Web Services (for Humans)

One of the (many!) things we’re looking forward to in Drupal 8 is greatly improved Web Services support. What are Web Services, I hear you ask? Let me guess, you’re a human, aren’t you?

Creating a Squeeze Page to Access a Video Using the Webform Module

Recently a client for an "inherited" (that is, one where we weren’t the original developer) Drupal 7 site asked us to change how a series of videos were presented. They needed to collect some demographic information from site visitors before making the videos available. This is a fairly standard use case (think whitepapers on an agency site), and the Webform Protected Downloads module works pretty well if you’re dealing with PDFs. But the client wanted to make the videos appear in a lightbox.

Announcing DUB, our custom video player

In response to our clients’ needs and our own particular strengths at leveraging interactive video to engage audiences, we have been building a custom video player that integrates web video with online services commonly used to for running campaigns.  This product, currently called "Dub", uses the open source jPlayer framework and Popcorn JS to integrate social media, web forms for petitions/surveys/user registration, and custom overlays such as maps and presentations onto the video itself.

When to Use Content Types, Taxonomies, and Custom Entities in Drupal

I recently had a conversation with a client who was confused by Drupal terminology and didn’t know the difference between content types, taxonomies, and custom entities. This is a fairly common question we get asked by clients that are new to the content management system.

Using Salsa With Drupal, Part 2: The Salsa API Module and Custom Code

In my last blog post, I talked about ways you can integrate the Salsa CRM system with your Drupal site using the Salsa API and Salsa Entity modules. In part 2, I'll dive into using Salsa API with your own custom code.

Using Salsa with Drupal

I recently presented Salsa: Spicy CRM Integration for Drupal-Powered Nonprofits at CapitalCamp, the District of Columbia's Drupal camp. Here's a summary of the current state of Salsa/Drupal integration, based on that presentation.

Where do mockups stand with responsive design?

The traditional method of designing a website has its roots in print. When you design for anything from a logo to a soda can label, you start out with the basic (sketches), work toward the finessed final design, and show your client developing designs at each stage. Web design has worked in a similar manner for a very long time; the designer starts with colors and typography, then moves into mocking up the full design as a flat image.

4 Ways to Improve Your Content Modeling

The most important part of a content strategy, in my opinion, is your content model. It not only ensures your copywriters and editors are able to publish the appropriate content, it provides the framework for your user experience and ensures proper delivery of content across marketing channels.


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