Part-Time Designer

We’re on the lookout for a talented individual with 5-to-10 years of professional experience, ready to amaze and astound us with their web design prowess. If you’re a master of the digital arts, this part-time, remote position just might be your golden ticket.


🎪 Create mind-boggling designs for websites that leave audiences in awe.

🎪 Develop branding materials and craft brand standards documentation that dazzle.

🎪 Whip up attractive print designs that make jaws drop.

🎪 Charm clients and peers by articulating design needs, solutions, and goals.

🎪 Work within our established website development process, like a contortionist.

🎪 Perform your design magic responsibly, never missing a beat when it comes to timelines and budgets.

🎪 Juggle multiple assignments with grace and finesse.

🎪 Stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving trends in the web design and artificial intelligence.

🎪 Display a positive and collaborative spirit with our other performers.

Additional Skills

While this position doesn’t require you to write code, it would be great if you had a few technical tricks up your sleeve to earn you extra applause:

🎪 CSS, Javascript, and/or JQuery sorcery to add a touch of interactivity to your designs.

🎪 Familiarity with how design systems perform their magical acts within structured online environments.

🎪 Mastery of WordPress.

About 4Site

Welcome to 4Site Interactive Studios, a digital circus nestled in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC. We empower membership-based organizations to captivate and sustain online communities. As we continue to grow, we invest in our talented performers and provide a flexible and supportive work environment.


Send your greatest work examples to Careers@4SiteStudios, along with a link to a favorite design you’ve seen and tell us why it inspires you.