Episode 11: How to Launch and Run a Podcast with Zach Brooks part 2

Zach Brooks Returning to the Show, Ready for more Firetruck Sirens

He's back again and he's ready to look at how the #4CastPodcast has come thus far. Zach Brooks, Digital Campaign Manager at Netcentric Campaigns, helps us understand important measures in analyzing, evaluating, and improving a podcast.

Hosts: Heming Nelson and Bryan Casler

Guests: Zach Brooks


This is Jake the intern, and yes I have been taking the show notes

SoundCloud – free online music player (guess our podcast won’t be remixed)

Libsyn – online platform for podcast publishing

Nerdist – clever and obviously, nerdy, online podcast

As long as there is beer, thank to our sponsor CharityEngine, our guests have a good time

How did this get made? – funny podcast about how such terrible movies could even get made

Assistant.to – online personal scheduling tool

scratchDC – awesome dinner delivery, prepared food for you to cook, way better than Blue Apron

Engage the audience through Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else, a useful SEO strategy

Camden Children’s Garden – Zach’s favorite nonprofit

Netcentric – provides help to different nonprofit campaigns

Bottle clinking and can opening, finding great audio satisfaction one podcast at a time