Episode 1: How to Launch and Run a Podcast with Zach Brooks

Zach Brooks

For our inaugural episode of the 4Cast, we invited Digital Campaign Manager at Netcentric Campaigns, Zach Brooks (@brooksza) to stop by and discuss his experience launching and running a successful podcast.



  • Serial - A great story told on a podcast format. It put podcasting on the map, but its not really a podcast says Zach.
  • The Natty Bros - Zach's podcast, currently on hiatus, but with a great back catalog of 60 shows that never get old:)
  • The Dig Podcast - The podcast that got Bryan into podcasts.
  • Rob is a Podcast - Started by TV-show Survivor alum, the best one out there, says Zach.
  • Reality TV RHAP-Ups - Zach makes gets appearances on this show, discussing Game of Thrones, House of Cards, etc. They make three hours of content around a 30-minute TV show. What they do better than most is that they build a community around the show #RIP.
  • Security Now - Bryan's favorite podcast.
  • The Twit Network - 40-some shows on technology.
  • This Week in Tech - Flagship property of the Twit Network.
  • Tom Merritt - Makes bank using Patreon.  
  • Adam Corolla - Zach's first podcast heartbreak.
  • The Podcast Award - Recognize the best podcasters in the world.
  • Patreon - Kickstarter for serialized content.
  • WTF with Marc Maron - Heming's favorite podcast, a probing interviewer and a funny guy
  • The Film Vault - Introduced Zach to the concept, "Save For Air." 
  • Colin Cowherd - Sportstalk podcaster with an amazing ability to talk and hold your attention for 15 minutes, without the crutch of guests, cohosts, or callers. 

Recording and Publishing

  • Zoom Recorder - Most popular solid state reorder for podcast recording.
  • Field Mixer - You need one of these to make sure all your mics are recording at the same level.
  • Google Hangouts - A GREAT tool for recording your podcast and publishing it on YouTube. And you can podcast live. And, you can then rip an mp3 from the video file.
  • Audacity - Free audio editing program.