Magical contact information transformation

4Site TidyContact

Turn your advocacy and donation forms into smart forms that clean up your supporter data before it gets into your database.

Have confidence in your supporter data.

Twenty percent of addresses entered online contain spelling mistakes, wrong house numbers, incorrect postal codes, or other formatting errors.

TidyContact instantly standardizes addresses into the CASSTM format, and supports both U.S. and international addresses. When a supporter fills out a form on your site, the address gets cleaned up before the data gets sent to your CRM. The user never sees any of this, and we don’t rely on autocomplete, so there’s less abandonment on your activism and fundraising forms. And there’s less data scrubbing to do later.

See TidyContact in Action

Coming Soon

  • Real-time Email address validation,
  • Real-time telephone E.164 standardization, and
  • Real-time geo-tagging


How Does TidyContact Work?

If you are using a page template from one of the popular eCRM companies, we inject a small script into your page template. This will securely reroute the submitted data to our standardization service which then passes on the standardized

With TidyContact, you only pay what you use and there are no long term commitments. We charge 50 cents for every 100 U.S. lookups and $10 for every 100 Non U.S. lookups. There is also a $2,500 set up fee to hook your forms up to our service. (Note that this is a new product and pricing is likely to change, so lock now for up to one year at the current price.)

If TidyContact does not return a standardized address within 5 seconds, the originally submitted form data will get sent to your CRM. You can also monitor the status of TidyContact at any time.

TidyContact utilizes SSL and a variety of security measures to ensure that your data is safe and secure. In fact, we don’t retain any of the data we process. And we also save a copy of the original form submission in your CRM database so you have an audit trail.