Virtual Videographer

The Virtual Videographer - Professional video from a safe distance

Professional video, from a safe distance for $975/day* 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, does your marketing video feature video recorded on a mobile phone or a video chat? It doesn't have to. Using 4Site's Virtual Videographer, you can still execute your video project using 4k, professional quality video, while keeping social distance. You, your guest, and our videographer are never in the same room together, but you'd never know it from the results. Check out our video to see how we do it.


Here's how it works

We’ll come to your house or office, or we can record in our studio in DC. The key is that we need to be able to access the interview space safely in order to set up our equipment.

The first thing we do is start recording BRoll. We like to do this using a gimbal and recording the footage in slow motion, but we can of course shoot in whatever style you prefer. We capture exteriors of the interview location so you have some establishing shots for your video. Then we shoot relevant interiors. We can even record your guest, provided the space can accommodate enough distance between them and our videographer.

Industry standard, three-point lighting

After capturing the BRoll, we set up three-point lighting, a microphone on a boom pole, and our video camera. If you've got a large, beautiful space, we'll use it as the background for the video. Or we can set up a green screen or colored backdrop. We usually recommend using a green screen so you can edit in whatever background you like. That was we used for the video above.

Once the gear is in place, we put a computer next to the camera where a producer would usually sit to conduct the interview. We then log into a video conference on the computer. To complete the setup, we wipe everything down with disinfectant. And then we leave. 

You conduct the interview, remotely

When your guest arrives, you are already on the video conference. They sit down in the chair and chat with you as normal. Importantly, your view of your guest on the conference comes directly from the camera, so you can make sure its in focus and the shot is composed to your liking.

Footage available same day

After the interview is conducted, your guest leaves and we return to break everything down. If the bandwidth at the location is good enough, we'll even post the footage to a website for you to review, Otherwise, we generally make it available in a couple of hours for you to review, share, or download.

In addition to recording interviews, the Virtual Videographer can be used for live events, like webcast and webinars.

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*This price includes all the services described above. Although travel outside of the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan area will incur additional costs. And this price does not include any editing. However, we are a full-service video firm, so we'd be glad to help you with the editing, motion graphics, or scripting for your video.