Announcing DUB, our custom video player

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Announcing DUB, our custom video player

Michael Wilson



Michael Wilson

In response to our clients’ needs and our own particular strengths at leveraging interactive video to engage audiences, we have been building a custom video player that integrates web video with online services commonly used to for running campaigns.  This product, currently called “Dub”, uses the open source jPlayer framework and Popcorn JS to integrate social media, web forms for petitions/surveys/user registration, and custom overlays such as maps and presentations onto the video itself. This way, as users are watching your video, you can present them with other relevant content, ways to take action, or tweets from supporters of your campaign.

Dub can be completely customized to meet your organization’s branding guidelines or desired look and feel. We can add your logo, change the colors and fonts, and add custom buttons for people to donate or take other desired actions. Further customization is also possible, such as interacting with other web elements on your page, video branching logic, displaying a feed from your blog or social media profile(s), and much more!

One of the most interesting features of Hub is it’s integration with Google Analytics.  We have built in ways to track where users pause your video, at what point they stop watching, and how many actions are taken using Google Analytics events and conversion tracking. One (simple) example of this would be a video that, when paused or ended, overlays an HTML signup form over top of the video.  On the backend, Google Analytics would track how long viewers watched, and whether they signed up.  

Videos using Dub can be hosted anywhere. Whether you are using Vimeo, or hosting on your own custom media server, we can feed you video in from any place accessible on the web and wrap it in your customized player.

Adding Dub to your content is easy. When we develop a custom video for an organization, you are provided with an HTML snippet that embeds into any site. So, if you are using Drupal, or any CMS, this is as simple as adding the HTML to the body field of your web page. Also, Dub is responsive, and will work in desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.

If you want to learn more about our new product, contact us online.

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