Content Strategy for Knowledge Management within Organizations

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Content Strategy for Knowledge Management within Organizations




Riche Zamor

I recently wrote an article for Information Outlook, a trade publication for library scientists, exploring how to foster greater knowledge sharing among internal stakeholders of an organization. While we can easily get caught up in the latest and greatest technology solutions allowing organizations to share and collaborate around institutional knowledge, most knowledge is shared conversationally through verbal, written and electronic communication. As strategists, we need to play the role of facilitators, helping people to better communicate with each other in a means that fits within the culture of the organization.

In order to improve effectiveness and efficiency of knowledge sharing within organizations, we must first understand who the various internal audiences are, how they share knowledge with each other, and why that communication medium was chosen. There are various ethnographic methods available to source this information, but journey mapping is a method that has proven very effective. Journey maps are a visual representation of the various steps audience segments take to complete a task or accomplish a goal. The map, for each step in the process, describes the user experience, what they were thinking and feeling at the time, and their recommendations for improving that step.

Journey mapping is an iterative process. If you choose to use this technique, set up a process by which you are continually studying and learning from the way people share information within your organization. Organizational cultures change with the addition or changing of people, processes, and technologies. You will be able to maintain a continuous culture of knowledge sharing if you are able to identify early on these changes in culture and modify processes and tools to stay in line with them.

Below is the article from Information Outlook. Hopefully this will serve as a valuable starting point for improving knowledge management within your organization.


Information Outlook Journey Mapping Article – “Connecting People To Other People” from Riche Zamor

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