Faces of 4Site - Alexis Findiesen, Designer

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Faces of 4Site – Alexis Findiesen, Designer




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In this series, we will be featuring the different staff members of 4Site Studios. We asked each member of the team to answer a few questions about themselves to give you a sense of who they are. This week, we interviewed Alexis Findiesen, our Designer.

1)  In 250 characters or less, tell us your life story.

I never would stop singing growing up – to the point that my friends would complain. I’ve always been the rambunctious, ever-so-slightly inappropriately frank, know-it-all youngest of three. I don’t think I’ll grow out of it.


2) When/why/how did you get involved professionaly with digital technology and design?

I did really well in AP Calc, so I majored in engineering. Realized I really wasn’t interested in engineering because I hated going to class, so I did some soul searching. I got a summer job at a portrait studio to keep me busy while I decided what to do. I liked it, so I took some photography classes for a while, but I started feeling isolated behind the lens. Changed majors to studio art and heard about the graphic design program. I never considered myself philosophical/existential enough to make it as a fine artist, so I swapped to the “left-brained” division of art and have loved it ever since. It’s a nice pairing of my structural, logical side  and my expressive, playful side. I taught myself HTML and CSS in order to make myself more marketable after I graduated, and it’s worked out well in giving my creative side a break while I code.

3) What expression or quote would best describe your personality?

Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before. – Mae West

4) What is your favorite piece of digital technology and why?

OLED flexible displays – it’s like we’re living in a sci-fi film.

5) What is one topic you know way too much about?

Warlock spell rotations.

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