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Faces of 4Site – Feld Giesy, Developer




Heming Nelson

I do a bit of everything here at 4Site. Unfortunately, that also includes writing about myself–something I’m not particularly good at. So instead of seizing up on the standard 5 question “Faces of 4Site” (which I’ve been steadfastly avoiding), something a bit more brief and tailored seems to be easier to write.

I’ve just recently entered the digital technology field; up until now, I was a user, blissfully unaware of the pitfalls, bad code, and poor design choices behind my favourite websites. I made the unenviable (or perhaps, more appropriately, unwise) decision to major in English in college, which, surprise surprise, didn’t leave much in the way of non Starbucks-sitting, Mac-typing, job prospects.

Luckily, 4Site recognizes a good thing when they see it, or at least was busy enough to hire someone to do things others didn’t have time for. I think I managed to prove myself (or perhaps Heming took pity on me), to the point of being hired full-time to take care of a bit of everything.

Pretty much every day I’m learning or doing something new. That may change as I slowly start running out of new job requirements, but judging by the past six months, I’m not sure that day will ever come.

When I’m not updating modules, configuring websites, or irritating our Design Director for SCSS and Photoshop help, I’m generally wasting my time on Reddit (a wonderland for ADD folks who need their news and cat pictures now and constantly) or buying weird food on impulse at grocery stores. Working from home, learning new things every day, surrounded by half-eaten terrible weird snacks and drinks? Not a bad deal, I don’t think.

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