Featuring Ocean Conservancy Oil Spill Motion Infographic Pages

Ocean Conservancy has worked with us on a great many projects, but this project came with a twist. The team at OC came to us with an unusual idea: They wanted to tell the story of what an oil spill can do from the perspectives of four different subjects that would be effected by that spill: Polar Bears, Seals, Fish, and People. However, all they had available to them was hard data, which is not very easily digested by your average non-scientist. So we got to work coming up with a solution that stays true to the data, engages and wows the audience, and encourages empathy and action. We used a variety of techniques, including motion graphics with GIFs and animated SVGs, and Javascript animation to really make these pages, and their information, stand out in a way that is both delightful and useful to anyone, with or without a science degree.