How we helped Corporate Accountability International launch the "Moms Not Lovin' It" campaign

Moms Not Lovin It campaign graphic

For years, Corporate Accountability International (CAI) has been taking on global corporations, like McDonald’s, to stop abuses that are harming people’s health and the environment. One recent McDonald’s campaign that made headlines was a tour with Ronald McDonald of over 100 schools in Kentucky, blatantly marketing their food to young children. CAI and mom bloggers across the country decided to make their voices heard against this and other such blatant schemes this past Mother's Day.

CAI partnered with us to launch a landing page for their campaign  that made it easy for supporters to share a custom illustration expressing their discontent with McDonald’s marketing to kids. In four days, we went through a full wireframing process, built the landing page within their Drupal website, and launched the campaign.

To date, the campaign produced the following results:

  • Within 24 hours made headlines in Huffington Post Parents

  • Received 382 Likes, 558 Shares, and 106 comments on Facebook.

  • Produced 430 tweets using the hashtag #MomsNotLovinIt on Twitter

  • Received hundreds of new signups to their email list

Congratulations to the team at Corporate Accountability International for your success with the campaign.

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Screenshot of the moms not lovin it landing page