Introducing HubDub, Interactive Video for Drupal

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Introducing HubDub, Interactive Video for Drupal




John Shortess

A little over a year ago, we announced Dub, our custom interactive video player, which allows you to overlay web content—such as social media, maps, or web forms—directly onto a video as it plays. As users are watching your video, you can present them with other relevant content, ways to take action, or tweets from supporters of your campaign… all synchronized to the content of the video. By engaging your audience with a call-to-action video, then giving them a way act from within the video player itself, you can significantly increase conversion rates for your campaign.

We’ve had great success integrating Dub into client projects and even our homepage, but each interactive video required a lot of custom coding. Every time we used Dub, we told ourselves, “Someday, we should turn this into a Drupal module.”

That day has arrived! We’d like to present to you the HubDub module. Like the original Dub, it offers custom overlays in a responsive video player that works in desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. But now, instead of writing lots of Javascript for each video, it’s easy to add overlays to a video through Drupal’s administrative interface. It will also (very soon!) be integrated with Google Analytics, so you’ll know when users pause your video, when they stop watching, and whether they take an action.

add hubdub video screen

Like all modules distributed on, HubDub is completely free and open source, distributed under the GPL version 2.0 license. Please give it a try, and post any bug reports, feature requests, and support questions in the module’s issue queue.

Stay tuned over the coming days for more details on how HubDub works under the hood. If you’ll be attending the Nonprofit Technology Conference next week in Austin, stop by our booth (#214)! We’d love to chat and give you a demo. If you’re interested in a custom HubDub solution, integration with your CRM or AMS, or video production or editing services, please contact us.

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