Our Approach to Post-Launch Website Support

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A lot of work goes into designing a functional and eye-catching website.  But what is equally important is the post-launch support--the technical, creative, and strategic services to keep your site current, functional, and viable.

Regretably, post-launch support and maintenance often falls between the cracks, not only on the client's part, but also on many web shops' parts, as well.  I've observed that other companies our size do not typically have a formalized support system, assuming that they even provide support after launch (many do not).

One of the things that really make 4Site stand out is our post-launch support--we have a formalized help desk system so requests never get lost in the shuffle, and oversight to ensure that all requests are handled in a responsible, timely fashion (we have a "stale ticket" review in our weekly staff meetings).When a request for our services is made, a service request ticket is auto-created in our system, and soon reviewed by a member of our team for assignment to the most appropriate person (i.e. Alexis handles most design and creative tasks, while Riche will help you work out the most efficient way to get your organization's message out to your target audience).  That person will then work with you to fulfill your service request.

Another thing that separates out support services from other firms is we offer all of our services through support as well. We don't just update your Drupal site or help fix a bug, we will help evaluate campaign strategies, design graphics, produce content, run analytics reports, just to name a few. We are really about providing a more comprehensive support structure to ensure our clients' success.

We don't just offer support to sites we, ourselves, have launched.  Our services-on-demand are available to any Drupal or Wordpress site.  To get started, see our Services-on-Demand page.