Putting Mill Mile National Park in the Palm of Your Hand

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Putting Mill Mile National Park in the Palm of Your Hand




Alexis Findiesen

When we partnered up with the city of Paterson, New Jersey to design a mobile app for Paterson Great Falls National Historical Landmark, we were excited to be working on a project that was recognized as being one of the few sites in America whose natural beauty is matched by its historical significance.

To complement the physical beauty of the landmark, we knew we had to design an equalling appealing virtual mobile application, titled  Mill Mile. The purpose of the app was to provide a self-guided walking tour and educational platform for tourists to download to their smartphone and tablet. Keeping the user in mind, our design was intended to complement the historical experience as well as the functionality of the app.   

Design features include:

Easy search and sort historical spot filters:

mill mile app spot filter

Social media integration: 

mill mile app social media

Map for self-guided tour with audio recordings:

side by side mill mile mobile app photos

Since the app’s release, the National Park has brought Paterson’s Great Falls into focus. It’s all-in-one tour has enhanced the parks accessibility,  received positive reviews,  and increased the number of tourist.

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