Episode 19: Planning Your Event in DC with Jennifer Curley

For this episode, we are joined by Jennifer Curley of the DC-based public relations and event planning company, Curley Company.  Jennifer talks with Heming and Bryan about executing an event in DC, and how to rise above a somewhat cluttered environment and get attention for your event.  She shares various strategies for telling the story of your event and maximizing your engagement.


Curley Company: Curley Company is Washington, D.C.’s leading public relations firm for strategically engaging your most important stakeholders.

Event space options: Unique event spaces in Washington, DC are listed here. Find your DC party venue or meeting space here.

Non-Profit Shout Out

Foundation for Community Betterment: The Foundation for Community Betterment is a national organization dedicated to engaging individuals of all ages in community enhancement by creating an immediate, positive impact on the lives of individuals or organizations that share our philanthropic vision, but who currently lack the means to succeed.

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