Episode 8: Building a Digital Community

Drew Schneider, founder of the popular DC community blog "Petworth News"

Drew Schneider, the founder of a popular DC community blog called Petworth News, joins the 4Cast to share what it takes to build a digital community. Drawing parallels to the work that non-profits do online every day, we look at how Drew was able to get more than 1,175 organic likes on Facebook in only a few short months. He shares why he was slow to move his blog's main focus off Facebook and onto a separate blog, and how he utilizes multiple social media platforms to engage with his audience. With a background in communications, Drew estimates he spends 20+ hours a week running Petworth News. If your organization’s social media strategy is a part-time endeavor or you’re looking for strategies on how to connect with your audience, listen to this podcast to learn how a little sweat equity can go a long way in building out a digital presence.