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The Stupski Foundation aimed to personalize the biographies of its staff members on the website. The staff pages rank among the most visited on the site, and ensuring they provide sufficient information about each person, while also engaging visitors to learn more about the Foundation and opportunities to get involved, was crucial. These pages serve as both the biography for the team member and a hub to other key pillar pages, allowing users to easily navigate and understand what the Stupski Foundation does and why. In addition to enhancing the visual appeal, 4Site added functionality to the page to make it more enjoyable. This included the ability to add videos, links to Spotify playlists, NameDrop integration to hear proper name pronunciation, and other features that enable people to share their passions and background. Beyond the visual and engaging overhaul, these updates incorporated strategies to improve search engine optimization.

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4Site created a design that showcases each member of our team's accomplishments and thought leadership. We love it!

Claire Callahan, MPA

Communications Director

Stupski Foundation

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