Custom Registration System for Program

User Registration System for Oceana by 4Site

Our Work

Oceana came to 4Site to smooth out some choppy seas with the registration system for their Clean Regattas campaign. Initially developed in Drupal, the site was difficult and time-consuming for Oceana staff to manage. 4Site migrated the site WordPress and made it more user-friendly. We created automated workflows, improved the search feature, and created a number of valuable reports. Most of all, we enhanced user management and provided new tools for users to access. This project is a great example of 4Site develops web tools that align with our clients’ values.

Sail Over and Check it Out

Our program users have shared that they enjoy the creative design and improved user-interface experience on the new site 4Site built. And 4Site was a pleasure to work with.

Shelley M Brown, PhD


Director, Sailors for the Sea

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