Wordle For Good!

Our Work

Shatterproof asked us to build a game generator they could use for a campaign. So we built “Wordle For Good,” a web component that can be easily embedded on any website. Administrators can set the answer word and can customize the colors of the background, the text, the tiles, and more. It was built using Vite, Typescript, Vue, and SASS, and uses Tailwind CSS as a framework for the user interface. The app uses features such as LocalStorage to save user choices. We included a list of all the 5-letter words in the English language within the code, so there is no server-side processing and performance is blazing. Shatterproof was thrilled! They launched several campaigns using the project, including this one. You can visit the two open source repositories for this project: Wordle For Good and Wordle For Good Generator. 

Shatterproof's Wordle

This is one of the most amazing things we've done since I’ve been working here.

Sarah Sartori

Vice President of Digital Marketing