How we work with you

Over the past two decades, 4Site has helped hundreds of nonprofits solve their toughest technical, creative, and strategic challenges. Over that time we have developed a way of working that is tailored to nonprofits with large digital teams. We structure that working relationship in one of three ways...


The majority of the work we do is for our monthly retainer clients. They tend to be large organizations with grand ambitions and mission-critical websites. We dedicate a specified number of hours each month to supporting their web properties in exchange for a discounted hourly rate. Through this ongoing relationship, we get to know you and your website, and our work is extremely efficient.


For discrete deliverables, such as a new WordPress website to support a campaign, or a set of page templates for your CRM, we perform work for a fixed fee based on a strictly defined set of deliverables. Budgets are based on our flat hourly rate and an estimate of the number of hours necessary to complete the work. This encompasses most of the RFPs we respond to, as well as work we do for new clients. To reduce risk, we follow a rigorous project mythology.

Urgent Support

Clients can pre-purchase support hours in blocks of ten hours and can utilize our expertise as needed. This work is generally performed for existing project clients that may require occasional and unplanned maintenance or advice. In exchange for the flexibility in accessing our talents at any time, these services are billed at our highest hourly rate.