Event Videos and Webcasts

For over 20 years, 4Site has recorded and webcast hundreds of annual meetings, fundraisers, award ceremonies, Congressional hearings, training sessions, scientific presentations, protests, and even concerts.

Leveraging Your Event

We record your event with two or more cameras, and we grab a feed from the projector so presentations are mixed into the video in real time. Then we help you get the most mileage out of your event by working with you to produce a variety of video products. In addition to a 4K, edited version of the full event, we provide you with branded highlight clips, calls-to-action, and screen grabs, all optimized for social media.

Live Webcasting

We give you the option to webcast the event and work with your web team to embed the stream in your site. The broadcast features custom branded graphics to match your identity. We hit the road for this event in NYC, a live webcast by the Wallace Foundation titled Improving Principal Preparation Programs, which featured school leaders discussing their efforts to revamp principal training and support.

Full Event

We take the full archive of your event to make long-form content for your users, supplementing it with branded motion graphics. These videos are great for online learning, and for followers who weren’t able to attend.

Highlight Clips

During the event, we’ll note inspiring moments or thoughtful comments that will make compelling video. After the event, we pull this material and package it up with B-roll to create bite-sized clips. These clips can be used to promote the full length material, to thank your sponsors, to showcase your members, as calls-to-action to your audience, or to promote upcoming events.

Interview Station

You spent a lot of time and money getting your key audience together in one physical location. We can set up an interview station with three-point lighting to record stories and testimonials from presenters and attendees.

Social Media Images

We can grab stills from the footage, add a little of your branding, and create valuable social media content for your organization.

How Much Will It Cost?

Here is a fun interactive form we created to help you ballpark the cost of our event video services.

Or you can download our rate card.