Campaign Websites

The California Strong Index is a data visualization tool that helps us understand the conditions into which babies are born, so decision-makers can direct resources where they are needed most. The site features a neighborhood level map that users can customize to overlay a wide variety of data.


Modeling Oil Spills in the Beaufort Sea is a campaign of the Ocean Conservancy that shows the effect an oil spill would have on the region’s wildlife. We created four variants of the page, each featuring a visual display of computational models on the impact a spill would have on different species. The effort powered an activism campaign targeted at the Department of the Interior.  The feature was built into their existing organizational website. We also generated a variety of social media materials from the graphics we created.

DIA Gives is a project of CAF America. It encourages individuals to give to nonprofits in Bangladesh, while still receiving a tax incentive in the U.S. We created a new brand for the project, and powered the website with a multilingual, interactive donation experience.